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TELEX BTR800/A2 ( Frequenza 518-536/632-650MHZ )

UHF, frequency agil, 2 channel wireless intercom base station with stage announce and

WTA/ISO function 4 pin male XLR for headset

The RTS RadioCom BTR-800 UHF-synthesized wireless intercom systems offer the ultimate

in reliable, high performance, high fidelity full-duplex communications The BTR-800

system includes the BTR-800 frequency-agile base station, working with up to four (4)

TR-800 or TR-825 frequency-agile beltpacks The BTR-800 base station provides

full-duplex communications with the beltpacks The BTR system incorporates two (2)

audio channel operation, permitting the beltpack operator to choose between two (2)

separate audio channels of communications, with the base station tracking the beltpack

selection This allows the user the flexibility to create a party line and a private

line within the same beltpack


RF Frequency Range : see relative variant (in 18MHz TX and RX bands)

Power Requirements : 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz IEC receptacle

Temperature Range : -4�F to 130�F (-20�C to 55�C)

TX Antenna : � Wave (supplied), TNC Male Connector

RX Antenna : � Wave (supplied), TNC Male Connector

Frequency Response : 300Hz-8kHz

4-Wire In/Output : Level Adjustable (2VRMS typical)

AudioCom/Telex Intercom : In/Out Level Adjustable (1VRMS typical), Line Impedance 300O

RTS Intercom : In/Out Level Adjustable (0.775VRMS), Line Impedance 200Ohm

Clear-Com Intercom : In/Out Level Adjustable (1VRMS typical) Line Impedance 200O

Auxiliary Input : Adjustable (2VRMS typical)

Auxiliary Output : Adjustable (2VRMS typical into 600Ohm)

Stage Announce : Output Internally Adjustable (2VRMS typical at rated

deviation into 600O)

Stage Announce Relay : Dry contact, rated at 1Amp, 24VMax

Micro Input Sensitivity : 9mV

Local Headset Output : 40mW output into 600O (1% Distortion)

Transmitter Type : 2 Synthesized Transmitters 712 channels each

Transmit Power (each tx): 100mW Max (High) 10mW (Normal)

Modulation Type : FM

Deviation : 40kHz (35kHz Europe)

RF Frequency Stability : 0.005%

Modulation Limiter : Peak-Responding compressor

Radiated Harmonics & Spurious: Complies with FCC specifications

Receiver Type : Dual Conversion Superheterodyne four (4) Independent

Synthesized IFs FM, 712 channels each

RF Sensitivity : <08�V for 12dB SINAD

Squelch Threshold : 20dB SINAD

IF Selectivity : 3dB at 230kHz

Image Rejection : 70dB or better

Squelch Quieting : 90dB RF Frequency Stability: 0005%

Distortion : <1% at full deviation

Product Dimens/Weight

BTR-800 : 48.3x4.4x35.6cm / 3.24kg)

Shipping Dimens/Weight

BTR-800 : 43.2x12.7x58.4cm / 5.43kg)

Frequency Variants

BTR800-A2 Frequenza (518-536/632-650MHZ)

BTR800-B4 Frequenza (536-554/668-686MHZ)

BTR800-C6 Frequenza (554-572/704-722MHZ)

BTR800-F1 Frequenza (482-500/614-632MHZ)

BTR800-F3 Frequenza (482-500/650-668MHZ)

BTR800-H1 Frequenza (500-518/614-632MHZ)

BTR800-H3 Frequenza (500-518/650-668MHZ)

Beltpacks RX and Frequency Variants applicable

TR800-A2 Frequenza (518-536/632-650MHZ)

TR800-B4 Frequenza (536-554/668-686MHZ)

TR800-C6 Frequenza (554-572/704-722MHZ)

TR800-F1 Frequenza (482-500/614-632MHZ)

TR800-F3 Frequenza (482-500/650-668MHZ)

TR800-H1 Frequenza (500-518/614-632MHZ)

TR800-H3 Frequenza (500-518/650-668MHZ)

TR825-A2 Frequenza (630-654MHZ)

TR825-B4 Frequenza (678-702MHZ)

TR825-C6 Frequenza (710-722MHZ)

TR825-F1 Frequenza (614-632MHZ)

TR825-F3 Frequenza (650-668MHZ)

TR825-H1 Frequenza (614-632MHZ)

TR825-H3 Frequenza (650-668MHZ)


AB-2 Universal bracket for CLA-X � wave antennas with 10' coax

ALP-450 Directional log periodic antenna Covers 450-900MHz Forward coverage


increases signal gain up to 5 dB Supplied with mounting hardware for wall or

mic stand and 10' coaxial cable Measures 9�"x11"H painted matte black

ALP-600 Bi-directional log periodic antenna Covers 520-760 MHz Includes mounting

hardware and 10' (3 m) coaxial cable with TNC connector

ALP-600B ALP-600 antenna bracket kit

ALP-600M ALP-600 antenna mast-telescoping

ALP-700 Bi-directional log periodic antenna Covers 470-760 MHz Unique side-to

side and front to back coverage pattern increases single gain up to 1,8dBd

Includes mounting hardware, clamp and 3mt coaxial cable with TNC connector

Painted black with TNC connector Measures 274,6x422mm (LxH)

APS-1 Two to one antenna combiner/splitter with TNC connectors

CXU50 O low loss coaxial cable with TNC connectors (multiple lengths


FA-xx � wave colinear antenna (multiple frequency ranges)

RM-800 Rackmount reinforcement for BTR-800/BTR-700

TP-2 TNC 50 O termination plug and ACS-101 antenna combiner

TP-3 XLR-3 Intercom "dummy load" plug (AudioCom)

TP-3R XLR-3 Intercom "dummy load" plug (RTS)