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PH01R5 (A5M)

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PH-1R5 Single-Sided Headset with Flexible Dynamic Boom Mic & A5M Connector

The PH-1 is a medium-weight single-sided headset with foam-filled cushions that offer

a light feel with moderate isolation from ambient noise The dynamic noise-canceling

mic is easily positioned with a unique ball joint for continuous adjustability

Available with 4-pin male or female XLR connectors, a 5-pin male XLR connector, or

pigtail termination

Type : Single-Sided

Mic Type : Dynamic Noise-Canceling

Mic Sensitivity : -65dBV/Pa @1cm

Mic Freq. Range : 200Hz - 6kHz

Mic Impedance : 150ohm

Speaker Sensitivity : 95dB SPL @1kHz, 1mW

Speaker Freq.Range : 100Hz - 10kHz

Speaker Impedance : 300ohm

Weight : 11oz (not including cord)

Cord Length : 5.5ft

Ordering Information

PH-1 : XLR 4-pin Female

PH-1PT: Stripped Wire

PH-1R : XLR 4-pin Male

PH-1R5: XLR 5-pin Male