NewTek TriCaster TC1 (2 RU)

SKU: 4750328
Integrated 4K UHD NDI live production system: 16-channel video mixer, audio mixer, video server, replay, multiviewer, virtual sets, measuring instruments.
18.293,90 € incl tax

NewTek TC1LP Large Control Panel for TriCaster TC1

SKU: 4750326
Large control surface for Tricaster TC1 2-Stripe with 24 x M/E Source Buttons, 3-axis Multi-Mode Joystick, 2 x Multi-Mode T-Bars and IP connectivity.
14.633,90 € incl tax

NewTek TriCaster TC Mini 4K Deluxe Bundle

SKU: 4750723
Compact 4K UHD NDI® live video production system: 8 IP video inputs, two HDMI to NDI input modules, TC1SP control panel, two PTZ1 cameras.
24.393,90 € incl tax