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LEN LTD LAMS01 AES MADI ASI Passive Splitter

A digital signal splitter with miniature, passive design, requiring no power, to create additional AES, MADI or ASI signals, for most applications.
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The LEN AES/MADI/ASI Splitter is a miniature, passive design, requiring no power, LEN digital signal splitters are a direct equivalent to the use of a Distribution Amplifier to create additional AES, MADI or ASI signals, for most applications. LEN AES/MADI/ASI Splitters are often also utilised for such applications as additional feeds say in remote locations, and in situations where size and weight are critical factors. Offering a broadcast-quality signal, they are useful in both permanent and temporary installations. They may be used freestanding and have fixing screws for mounting through panels. An accessory panel is also available to mount eight splitters in 1U of rack space.

LAMS01 is for use with the AES, MADI and ASI standards. It is built in an ABS enclosure fitted with three female BNC connectors. Two M3 mounting screws are provided on the same face as the connectors, so that the splitter can be mounted flat to a panel, with the connectors protruding through it.

Two or more splitters can be used in series to provide up to eight individual feeds over shorter distances. Actual distance is dependant on original signal strength and cable quality.

Technical specifications

Input and output impedance: 75 ohms
Return loss, 5 to 270 MHz 15dB, (1)
Amplitude roll-off, 360 MHz : - 0.2dB (2)
Insertion loss: 3.4dB
Isolation, 270 MHz : 35dB (3)
Drive capability, typical: 90 metres (4)
Notes. 1: Worst case, both outputs terminated. 2: Maximum attenuation. 3: Between output ports. 4: Depends on cable type; 20% reduction compared to a free cable run.

Dimensions: 45 x 30 x 15 (length x width x height) mm, excluding connectors. Weight: 30g.

Technical Note
To achieve the specified performance the input should be fed with a source impedance of 75 ohms and both outputs must be terminated with 75 ohms. Therefore, if an output cable is not present, a 75 ohm termination should be fitted. This should be specified to operate over the full bandwidth in use.


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