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Public Information System, based on LED Video Walls

installed in the check-in area of the passenger terminal at the Marco Polo airport in Venice


Digital Signage is a form of communication reproduced on any size display that combines visual and data elements, through dynamic content widgets with attractive graphics for users.

Digital Signage is quickly replacing static posters and bulletin boards that no longer guarantee great emotional and informative appeal. Typical applications of this new form of communication are currently found in cinemas, airports, shopping malls, transport, hospitals, stadiums, etc...

Professional Show is able to design and build Digital Signage systems of any size and with the most modern technologies available, being a System Integrator in the Broadcast sector, with an organization used to providing reliable technological solutions in a world where a technical failure can not be an option.

After having installed, in the past years, complex Digital Signage systems such as the Opera House and the Ice Hockey Arena of Astana in Kazakhstan, Professional Show has all the references to be an important player in the field of digital communication.

Professional Show has been awarded an important contract for the supply of an information system to the public, consisting of LED video walls to be installed in the check-in areas at Marco Polo Airport in Tessera (VE).

In the tender, it outperformed important national players, not so much for the lowest bid but for the most convincing technical offer that got the highest score from the tender committee.


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These are the strengths of the technical offer presented:

  • Optimization of the technical structure
  • Optimization in the use of the equipment
  • Redundancy
  • Easy to use
  • Ready for future upgrades
  • Use of customizable and tailor-made software 

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Below we will try to briefly describe the characteristics of the elements that make up this project.

■ 240 LINEAR METERS OF LED VIDEO WALL The panels that make up the displays are of the latest generation and use high quality components for continuous use, starting from the high-performance SMD 3in1 LEDs that in combination with the drivers, the digital control system, the 24/7 power supply, represent a reliable solution of the highest quality. The LED panels adopt drivers with fully digital PWM technology that work at very high frequencies to provide the image with unparalleled depth and fluidity.

■ 4K RESOLUTION VIDEO PROCESSORS The choice of these video processors brings the definition to 3840x2160 pixels compared to the traditional FullHD of 1920x1080 pixels. This configuration, with such a high definition, allows you to use fewer active components with less probability of failure, but especially to integrate SLC-4K video processors with HDMI 2.0 inputs, Dual Link DVI and Display Port with 4K switching routers.

■ VIDEO PLAYER VIDEO The video player has a robust and reliable hardware structure, with redundancy for power supplies; it is able to play digital content set through the CMS (Content Management System). The video player is able to support various formats of video files (streaming, youtube, etc ...), images (slideshows with animations), RSS (news feed from RSS), pdf files, social content, weather info, etc ...

■ CONTROL MATRIX The installed control matrix is a high-performance video matrix for video resolutions up to 4K. It supports the latest HDMI specifications, including data rates up to 10.2 Gbps, Deep Color up to 12 bits, 3D and lossless HD audio formats. The model chosen proved to be ideal for this application, which required reliable, high-quality switching of HDMI and audio video signals between sources and multiple displays.

■ CONTROL AND MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE The installed solution has a powerful CMS (Content Management System) for the management of content and players. It adopts an extremely simple and intuitive user interface for managing content and schedules. The CMS allows, even for inexperienced users, the autonomous creation of unlimited templates and the management of playlists to be displayed on the Video Wall.

■ COMPLETELY REDUNDANT FAULT-TOLERANT SYSTEM The components used were all duplicated and divided into cabinets and separate areas. The redundancy system employed is able to intervene automatically in the event of alarms or anomalous situations, so as to ensure continuity of operation 24/7.



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