TVU Introduces Remote Commentator to Simplify Digital Productions


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TVU Introduces Remote Commentator 

to Simplify Digital Productions


TVU Remote Commentator is a cloud-based solution that allows sports and events organizers to add real-time synced audio comments from anywhere using only an internet connection.

When live events and broadcasters are in different parts of the world, TVU Remote Commentator is the ideal solution to optimize and deliver broadcast-quality audio for live productions. With this solution, broadcasters no longer need to be on site or use expensive television production configurations. All sessions are created and managed in the cloud, which eliminates the need for expensive hardware or software. Using a web interface on a laptop or other device, TVU Remote Commentator allows broadcasters and commentators to participate in production from home or virtually anywhere you want with a standard Internet connection.

TVU Remote Commentator supports multiple audio channels and each channel can be used for a different set of commentators, as in the case of the same event broadcast in different languages. TVU automatic synchronization technology ensures that the audio and video of all commentators are perfectly synchronized with the main video feed, independently form network latency and various locations, even thousands of kilometres from the headquarter of the event.

Here are the main advantages of this solution:

  • Huge cost savings: no travel, no special equipment and no MCR needed
  • Synchronized, broadcast quality audio delivered in real time
  • Scalable across any geographical location
  • Cloud based intuitive solution gets you started in minutes
  • Localized real time commentary to engage fans from around the world



TVU Remote Commentator’s price is based on usage and not on annual contracts. The organizers of the productions, therefore, pay only the hours used for each event avoiding waste and excessive costs.

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