TIF-PRO2 VoIP Telephone Interface




VOITelephone Interface


RTS is pleased to announce the official presentation of the VoIP TIF-PRO2 Telephone Interface.

A replacement for the successful SIP-ISDN, the TIF-PRO2 provides increased IP/digital/analog connection density in a compact half-rack-unit form factor.

The device offers seamless interoperability with the latest RTS IP/digital keypanels and matrices, along with legacy IP/digital/analog RTS intercom hardware. It comes equipped with two SIP IP lines, each with a 64-kbps data rate (with overhead 100 kbps); additional features and functions are available at the user’s fingertips via optional software upgrades.


TIF PRO2 points

The standard package includes a single-unit rack-mount kit (a dual-unit kit is also available), a desktop power supply (12 V), four adhesive rubber feet, an RS-485/audio adapter cable, and a USB stick with the TIF-PRO2 PC software (Workstation Management License) and user manual. Three operation modes are offered: telephone to keypanel (DTMF tones detected and converted into RTS control protocol), keypanel to matrix (transparent transmission of RS-485 keypanel data, available in SIP mode only) and audio bridging (matrix to matrix).

The TIF-PRO2 is designed to deliver superior audio performance, with 3.1 kHz audio bandwidth and 7 kHz of audio bandwidth in HD quality using the G.722 codec. Quiet, fan-free operation further enhances sound quality. Connectors include two analog AUDIO I/O or one digital AES/EBU I/O (software configurable), two TTL I/O, two relay outputs (all software configurable) and two RS-485 with RTS control protocol. 

 TIF PRO2 Connessions

System configuration can be carried out via the front panel or remotely via the various software options.
Multiple TIF-PRO2 software upgrade options make it easy for users to scale their hardware investment to precisely meet their operational requirements. The TIF-PRO2 Workplace License allows up to 30 independent TIF-PRO2 devices to be viewed, configured and controlled via a single workstation using the Workplace License GUI. Access via additional workstations requires additional licenses. The TIF-PRO2 PSTN upgrade adds PSTN and ISDN line interface modes to the system. In each of these operating modes, two channels are available — as in SIP mode. An AES67 upgrade (2 x RX and 2 x TX channels) is also available, including compatibility with Dante and Ravenna networking using SAP (Session Announcement Protocol). The standard audio interfaces remain operational with all upgrades.

 TIF-PRO2 adapters

In addition to a wide range of applications for fixed installations, the TIF PRO2’s series of interface options makes it a flexible tool for OB-VAN users and mobile production units who work daily in different locations with different telephone line technologies.

A fully licensed device can easily integrate with any instrument available on-site, either IP (SIP), digital (BRI-ISDN) or analog (PSTN/POTS), all without the need for any additional devices.



H x W x D 1.7” x 8.7” x 7.9” (44 mm x 220 mm x 200 mm)
Weight 1.7 kg
Display 160 x 32 px (Illuminated, can be switched off)
Power supply via external adapter +12 V DC (Max 15 W)
Temperature 5° C to 45° C
Relative humidity 5% to 85%
Compliance CE Compliant, UL Certified



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