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Back to the attendance events organised by Sony for all distributors and clients of the professional sector. They took place in Milan and Rome in the week of October 25, 2021 and it was a formative moment for the employees of  Professional Show S.p.a. and for the many customers who came to discover the latest news presented by Sony.

The exhibition area was divided into operational areas in which the experts of Sony Professional Solutions Europe presented products and technologies areas of greater relevance and interest of the Media and Broadcast sector

The main themes of the event were:
👉🏻 Virtual StudioHDC-3500 (Studio) and BRC (PTZ) camera integration with XR/VR/AR Studio solutions
👉🏻 Smart Productionan operational application developed by Sony EPE on SWR specification for their new Studio X
👉🏻 IP Live Technologymeeting with our Solutions Architect from Nevion
👉🏻 C3P Portalthe Sony cloud solution to edit, manage and share news across all platforms
👉🏻 MAM Solution: emerging technologies and workflows, cloud-native microservices demonstration
👉🏻 PXW-FX9 in CINE configuration preview with the new VERSION of FW 3.0 for control with RCP


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