RTS presents DBP - the latest addition to the Intercom RTS Digital Partyline product family


RTS Digital Beltpack

DBP (Digital Beltpack)

RTS presents DBP - the latest addition to the Intercom RTS Digital Partyline product family


DBP joins OMS (OMNEO Main Station) recently launched on the market as a key product of the RTS Digital Partyline product family.

DBP is a four-channel/four-button wired beltpack that runs on PoE + (Power over Ethernet 802.3af and 802.3at) and connects using OMNEO IP technology.

Its unique hybrid design supports both digital partyline and matrix keypanel modes: for use as a digital partyline device, DBP connects to an OMS; for use as a portable keypanel, including functionality like point-to-point communication, DBP can be connected to any RTS digital/IP matrix product using OMNEO - including OMI cards in ADAM/ADAM-M frames or OMNEO ports on ODIN frames.

DBP automatically selects the correct mode of operation (digital partyline/OMS or keypanel/matrix).



  • Hybrid functionality: Operate DBP in partyline mode with OMS (OMNEO Main Station) or in portable keypanel mode with an RTS matrix (ODIN/ADAM) - one device covers it all;
  • Daisy chaining: Connect DBP to a PoE switch via OMS/ODIN/ADAM and up to six DBPs can be daisy chained together;
  • User friendly: Lightweight and ergonomic design with full-color icon-based menu navigation for quick setup and intuitive operation;


DBP’s PoE-driven design gives it an unmatched level of scalability and makes it easy to add new users.

In and Out PoE ports (two etherCON locking RJ45 connectors) allow up to six DBP devices to be daisy-chained together from the same PoE switch port when used in partyline mode.



Up to 40 DBPs can be connected to an OMS, allowing for the creation of an extensive digital partyline system – all in addition to the other wired and wireless devices OMS supports. Depending on the matrix model/configuration, up to 64 DBPs can be connected to an OMI card for ADAM matrices, and up to 128 DBPs can be connected to one ODIN.



DBP diagram




  • High quality audio, with higher fidelity and lower background noise than analog model
  • Stereo audio functionality (supports several feeds on LEFT and RIGHT headphone)
  • Access to a wider partyline "pool" (16 versus 2)
  • Support for more lines / group conferences active at the same time (4 vs 2)
  • Possibility to connect a belt pack directly to an OMNEO compatible matrix without a main or master station
  • Possibility daisy-chain six digital beltpacks via PoE with 802.3
  • Headset connectivity via 3.5 mm XLR, Bluetooth or TRRS connector
  • Tactile feedback (vibration) for CALL and other alerts: OFF / LOW / HIGH
  • Easy configuration and updates via OMS
  • Icon-based setup and configuration in DBP menus
  • Ability to assign one or more of the four conference TALK keys to a relè control function



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