OB-VAN for TCHAD Television

a TV studio on wheels

It is not easy to create television. Especially when you are outdoor, completely independent and have only one van at disposal. But the real challenge is when you have to compete with extreme weather and environmental conditions such as vast desert land.




Professional Show has been able to meet with all these requirements and has created the most unique OB Van, thanks to its long experience and efficient organization.

The Republic of Tchad, a former French colony, is growing fast despite its difficult climate conditions and need of literacy. So the role of television has become very important for the benefit of the country.

ONRTV, Tchad's national television, has now a state-of-the-art  piece of high-end technology, completely autonomous and offers a complete outdoor production and can broadcast on air directly.

internal direction
The system can use a total of 11 video cameras, graphics, editing, post-production and broadcast by satellite. Moreover, it has a TV studio that can accommodate 3 people and has the necessary space to stock all the equipment without the need of external support. Furthermore, the van can resist to the extreme desert weather conditions of Tchad and can ride up to 45% gradients, thanks to the Mercedes Actros 3340 engine with 6x6 wheel drive.
internal studio
In order to use fully all the system features, adequate training of the future technical staff of the vehicle is needed. Therefore, Professional Show has provided training, by means of own production video tapes and tutorials as well as face-to-face training at their premises.
PTZ remote camera
The success of this complex project has become reality thanks to the technical expertise and over 30 years of experience of  Professional Show and the technical assistance of ONE TV, a Professional Show division specialized in high-end outdoor television productions (e.g. the A Series football cup). ONE TV offered  their experience and knowledge in order to create an outstanding product on both technical as operational level.
Thanks to its expertise and corporate structure, Professional Show is able to handle the most complex projects at every stage, and provide customers with technical support and specific training, thus maximizing the value of the purchased solution.
The realization of this OB-VAN is no exception: from the preliminary agreements, the search for the perfect truck and its customization, design and staging, to the in-house production of tailor-made audiovisual educational media, ending with the arrangement of a special delivery via air-cargo and on-site training, Professional Show was able to create an unique OB-VAN, made to the exact needs of the customer, and provide all the necessary support so that it could be used to its full potential, thus ensuring an high value.


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