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Immersive Multimedia System

installed at the National Museum of Salce Collection in Santa Margherita (TV)

The National Museum Salce Collection of Treviso preserves the largest collection of advertising graphics in Italy donated to the Italian State by Ferdinando Salce (1877-1962).

Thanks to a total investment of about 7 million euros, financed by Mibact with the contribution of Veneto Region, the Veneto Museum Regional Directorate of the Ministry for Activities, Cultural Heritage and Tourism, planned and followed the works of the recovery of the buildings, the adaption of these to the museum function and the requalification of the multimedia systems.

In this big contract, Professional Show won the competition for the design and installation of an immersive multimedia audio/video system inside the ancient church of Santa Margherita where there are large naves that have now become the “home” of Salce collection.


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In the immersive virtual reality atmosphere, are located 19 NEC PA803UL projectors, the first filter less laser projectors using LCD technology. They are equipped with wide-angle zoom lenses with a projection ratio of 0.79-1.35:1.

The projection system is based on 2 video servers with software Dataton Watchout v.6.0. A software able to compose and manage all the different multimedia elements in a perfectly synchronized and high-resolution way. This system controls both the Edge Blending function, that allows to create a single large image with the help of multiple projectors, and the Warping function to make possible the projection on spherical surfaces and surfaces with angles such as those of the church naves.

A motion tracking system, consisting of a 3D depth camera and a dedicated computer with interactive tracking playout software and warping / overlapping correction software, was also configured.


projectors mounting


Now the complex of Santa Margherita has ultra-modern technologies put at the service of art and visitors.

The virtual projections of the frescoes by Tommaso of Modena (“Storie di Sant’Orsola”), in the apses and chapels that now come to life right on the spaces where they were before the detachment, are very suggestive.


salce museum fresco projection


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