Art4Art, radiotherapy combined with music and art

Realization of immersive audio-visual system at Gemelli Polyclinic of Rome


At Gemelli Polyclinic of Rome was inaugurated the Multidimensional stay of oncological radiotherapy, under the name Art4Art, art for advanced radiotherapy.

Now all day hospital patients have the opportunity to decide how to spend their time in care: watching a movie, listening to music, visiting Vatican museums remotely or even taking a lesson in an artist's laboratory with interactive monitors and tablets. In addition, through sophisticated technologies, it is possible to be completely immersed in virtual reality.

Thus, the chemotherapy room can host an immersive experience on the Alps or on tropical beaches, walls become works of art, welcoming patients in an atmosphere full of beauty, comforting both body and soul: a unique experience in the world, aiming to heal the emotional sphere of patients and obtain the best results from the therapy.

gemelli art4art ledwall

In this prestigious project, Professional Show has been chosen as a system integrator for the design and installation of multimedia and immersive audio/video systems in the two rooms used to welcome patients.

In the immersive room were installed 3 Epson EB800F, bright and scalable ultra-short range projectors with Full HD resolution, 5.000 lumens of brightness and 3LCD technology. The projection system is managed by an MFH40040 media processor with 3 WUXGA outputs. The software makes it possible to compose and manage all the different multimedia elements in perfect synchronization and high resolution. This system controls both the Edge Blending function that allows to create a single large image with the help of multiple projectors, and the Warping function to make possible the projection on non-linear surfaces such as those of the room itself.

art4art gemelli immersive room

Instead, in the Agorà room, the therapeutic entertainment system was designed with a large 1.5mm LED wall, modular in design, thin, with smooth and uniform surface, in this case it measures 5.50 meters wide x 2 meters high combined with the controller MCTRL4K of NovaStar and a media processor MFH40040 with 1 output 4K and 2 FulHD inputs for the management of the ledwall. The support structure of the ledwall has been designed and custom made by the mechanical division of Professional Show.

unitone layout

In both rooms for the Audio Amplification and Diffusion System was chosen k-Array technology, installing Vyper KV52 and Tornado KT2 speakers and Subwoofer RUMBLE KU26 ultra-thin high power. The system is controlled in a domotic way through the audio processor QSC Audio CORE110F. The microphone System is provided through Sennheiser Radio microphones connected via digital transmitters.

art4art religious inauguration art4art gemelli inauguration
art4art gemelli ledwall structure art4art gemelli waiting room



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