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evertz magnum orchestration

logo evertz

Evertz Technologies Limited, is a leading global manufacturer of broadcast equipment and solutions that deliver content to television sets, on-demand services, WebTV, IPTV, and mobile devices. Evertz has expertise in delivering complete end-to-end broadcast solutions for all aspects of broadcast production including content creation, content distribution and content delivery.

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sony ptz cameras

logo sony

Sony's industry-leading professional A/V and broadcast products and solutions offer unrivalled quality, reliability and variety. From film to TV broadcast, from weddings to live broadcast studios, Sony delivers quality without compromise.

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rts omeno main station

logo RTS

RTS is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional intercom solutions, with over 40 years of experience in the industry. From systems used for small productions to Advanced Digital Audio Matrix (ADAM) systems used to coordinate network broadcasts of the world's largest events, RTS is dedicated to innovating the future of global communications.

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newtek tricaster elite2

logo newtek

NewTek specializes in portable live television NDI / IP production systems and 3D animation and special effects. From sporting events, Web-based talk shows, live entertainment, classrooms, to corporate communications, we give our customers the power to grow their audiences, brands and businesses, faster than ever before. 

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logo compulite

Compulite is among the world leaders in the production of professional consoles for lighting control.
Over 40 years of experience and continuous innovation have allowed Compulite to raise the industry standard several times.
A brand chosen by Lighting Designers and operators all over the world, for its high reliability and unparalleled creativity, with the aim of satisfying any type of customer, even the most demanding.

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logo GTD

GTD is a brand specialized in the production of motorized lights for musical and theatrical events, they are widely used in the broadcast sector and in the professional entertainment industry, the company boasts 30 years of experience in the lighting sector and more than 800 employees, it ranks as one of the largest and most cutting-edge companies on the international professional lighting scene.

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samsung digital signage

logo samsung

Samsung digital signage is the world's first integration-ready display solution that seamlessly blends hardware with software.
Integration-ready visual display solutions for a seamless information experience, to create dynamic information experiences that truly engage the audience.

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logo maclay

Maclay Light is the professional Stage lights division of Professional Show. It offers stage lighting solutions for professional entertainment, where visual effects and precision are required without any compromise, also taking into consideration the truly competitive prices

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logo Swit

SWIT Electronics Co., Ltd. specialized in developing and manufacturing products for the broadcast and broadcast industry since 1996, including 4K/UHD studio cameras/monitors, wireless video transmission, professional camera batteries, chargers and power solutions , photography lighting and studio lighting. Over the years, SWIT has earned an excellent worldwide reputation for the quality and innovation of its products, with international distribution covering more than 100 countries and regions worldwide.
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logo craltech

Craltech is a Spanish company founded in 2001 and dedicated to design, develop and manufacture of systems and equipments for professional video applications.
Craltech solutions include Broadcast Monitors; 4K Multiviewers; 4K Mini Quad-Split; Modular Multiviewers; Quad-Split Monitors.

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haivision video streaming

logo Haivision

Haivision is a leading provider of mission-critical, real-time video streaming and Enterprise Video & IPTV networking solutions. Our connected cloud and intelligent edge technologies enable global organizations to engage audiences, improve collaboration and support decision making.

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pliant crewcom intercom

logo Pliant

As the professional division of CoachComm, Pliant Technologies continues with this vision by offering professional wireless intercom solutions ranging from simple out-of-the-box configurations to large-scale projects with many coverage zones and many users for broadcast, live sound, theater and many other applications.

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blackmagic camere mixer

logo Blackmagicdesign

Blackmagic Design creates the world’s most advanced cameras, routers, color correctors, film restoration software and waveform monitors for the feature film, post production and broadcast industries.
Blackmagic Design’s products revolutionize the television industry by making advanced tools affordable to thousands of creative professionals.

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tsl monitoraggio audio

logo TLS

Specializing in audio monitoring, transmission control systems and power management, TSL ensures that its solutions meet and exceed the business, technical and operational requirements that exist in IT-based and traditional workflows to help its customers lower costs, generate revenue and optimize operations.

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panasonic ptz camera

logo Panasonic

Panasonic's professional broadcast range offers a truly complete end-to-end solution. From HD studio cameras, convertible recording systems and live switchers to HD recorders, HD/SD monitors and low-power LCD monitors.
The AVC-Intra codec complies with the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 international standard, based on advanced Motion-Image compression technology.

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logo Prolights

PROLIGHTS is the professional lighting division of Music & Lights, an Italian company specialized in the production of technologies for show-business. It proposes professional and advanced lighting solutions for tours, rentals, theaters, TV studios, corporate events.


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adder soluzioni KVM

logo ADDER

Adder's range of high-performance KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) solutions enable real-time control of local, remote and global IT systems.
We enable our customers to extend, switch and remotely manage their computers both locally and over an IP network.

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leader strumenti misurazione


Leader Electronics is a professional manufacturer of electronic measuring instruments. We offer a variety of electronic measuring instruments including video / broadcast products such as waveform monitors, rasterizers, sync generators and so on.

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birddog NDI cameras

logo BirdDog

BirdDog is dedicated to making live television production easier, more affordable, and achievable in more places by more people. By allowing live video to travel over the standard computer networks found in all modern buildings without compromise, we truly believe it's time to move live video production into the Internet age.

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canare cavi audio video

logo Canare

Canare develops, manufactures and supplies the finest audio and video cables, connectors, patchbays and fiber optic products for the broadcast industry and professional A/V market.
Technicians, installers, design consultants and many major OEMs rely on Canare's product, its proven reliability and world-class customer service.

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Zero Density

logo Zero Density

Zero Density gives TV studios the tools they need to bring creativity to life with unmatched visual impact. Integrated virtual production and real-time animated graphics platforms improve operational efficiency, information flow, immersion and user engagement like never before. Zero Density serves clients such as The Weather Channel, Viaplay, Sky News Arabia, Fox Sports and Warner Media.

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avid soluzioni cinema

logo AVID

Avid is reshaping the entire media production chain with powerful technology to create, manage, archive, distribute and monetize film, television and music. Our tools and platforms enable more than a million users and thousands of media companies to tell effective stories and build better businesses.

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kramer connect

logo Kramer

Kramer Electronics is an Israeli company that designs, manufactures and distributes signal management products for analog and digital video signals, audio signals, computer graphics video signals and control signals that are used in the professional AV, broadcast and production and residential AV markets worldwide.

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yamaha professional audio

logo Yamaha

Yamaha Professional Audio is known worldwide as a provider of innovative, high-quality solutions for the sound industry. Yamaha's line includes a series of world-class mixing consoles, signal processors incorporating industry-leading DSP technology, power amplifiers based on energy-efficient drive technology, and a wide range of loudspeakers suitable for everything from live sound to commercial installations.

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fujinon lenti ottiche

logo Fujinon

Fujinon is a brand of optical lenses manufactured by Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd, now known as Fujifilm. Fujinon lenses from Fujifilm have been used in professional photography, broadcast stations, and cinematography.

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gblabs flussi lavoro creativi


GB Labs is continually enhancing creative workflows for some of the most recognized names in the industry. Our full range of storage and archiving products meet our customers' needs from acquisition to archiving and everything in between.

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userful software video wall


Userful Corporation è una società di software canadese specializzata in video wall, Digital Signage, display interattivi e virtualizzazione del desktop. Fondata nel 2003, Userful sviluppa un software che trasforma un PC standard in un controller video wall o in un processore video wall di fascia alta.

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aev broadcast audio

logo AEV Broadcast

AEV Broadcast is the main Italian manufacturer in the Audio Broadcast sector, the AEV brand has been present on the market for over 30 years, its long stay on the world scene is due to constant attention to technological change and new operational scenarios, our "mission" finds strength in the passion that animates us in designing new products and always confident that operators have always expressed to the AEV brand.

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jvc attrezzature studio

logo JVC

JVC is one of the world's leading manufacturers of a wide range of sophisticated, high-quality professional video products. The company is dedicated to making the latest technological enhancements accessible to all budgets, creating easy-to-use, state-of-the-art 4K/HD camcorders, monitors, projectors and studio equipment that deliver quality results.

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sienna infrastrutture video IP


Real time ip video infrastructure For news, sports and live events used by the world’s leading broadcasters.
Sienna has been chosen by many of the world’s highest profile and ambitous broadcasters thanks to its power, flexibility and next generation functionality. As broadcast heads to IP Video, SiennaND delivers an incredibly powerful migration to a future of unprecedented flexibility..

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classx editor template grafici


ClassX offers a wide range of products and solutions, from 2D/3D graphics template editors to playout systems. Based on industry standards and designed to allow maximum customization of a broadcaster's workflow, the ClassX platform offers high-level live and automated graphics solutions, distributed architectures and seamless integration across all areas with selected third-party technologies.

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barco proiettori DLP

logo BARCO

Barco offers projection technology for a wide variety of markets. The outstanding, quiet DLP business projectors are especially suited for meeting rooms, conference rooms or break-out rooms. Barco's durable large room projectors offer exceptional brightness for auditoriums, events, presentations and projection mapping projects. For the digital cinema industry, we offer laser-illuminated, lamp-based cinema projectors and post-production projectors.

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jlcooper slomopro

logo JLC

JLCooper Electronics is undoubtedly a pioneer in the development of professional control, automation, synchronization and interfacing products.
JLCooper offers a full range of branded products for the professional audio, video and multimedia markets.

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Extron soluzione per educational

logo Extron

Extron AV technology solutions meet the diverse needs of organizations around the world. In addition to being experts in our core business of creating innovative solutions across all AV technologies, Extron has unmatched experience and a solid understanding of customer needs across a broad range of vertical markets .

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cartoni supporti telecamere

logo cartoni

Since 1935, out of Rome, CARTONI SpA designs, manufactures and markets high-end Professional Camera Supports and accessories for the Motion Picture and Television industries.
Internationally recognized in the industry as a pre-eminent brand for camera support equipment, CARTONI prides itself on its engineering ability, innovative and leading technology.

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