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Flight Simulator for students of ITT Marconi of Padua

Professional Show has an R&D division in the sector of flight simulation called Flight Simulation Center.

The mission of FSC, which widely benefit from the structure and expertise of Professional Show, is to provide integrated solutions and high-quality components designed for high reliability and long lasting problem-free operations not solely for professionals, but also for “experienced” enthusiast of Flight Simulation.

In this sector Professional Show was awarded a tender for the design and construction of a simulator for the training of Flight Information Service Operators (FISO).

The FIS simulator was designed to create a simulation area for the air traffic safety service, integrated with aircraft piloting emplacement, reproducing all the movements present, on approach and at the airport.

This will allow students to acquire the skills necessary for the management of all aircraft operating on the manoeuvring area of an uncontrolled airport and to better prepare for obtaining the FISO license, which can also be spent abroad, requirement for participation in competitions to become Flight Controllers.




The FIS educational simulation system consists of several customizable function modules integrated with each other.

The main workstation simulates the air traffic safety management of the FIS operator operating at an uncontrolled airport. In addition to this workstation there are two additional workstations: one for the instructor and one for the examiner.

A detached operative station allows to simulate coordination with nearby institutions such as the area control center, the Approach, the Flight Information Center, the Firefighters and the ground services.

The system interacts with four flight simulation stations equipped with a Throttle quadrant, yoke and pedals to simulate the individual aircrafts under management by the FIS operator. Whilst the FIS operator and simulated institutions communicate via Voip phones, with the pilots is used a simplex communication system that simulates frequency transmissions.

All workstations have weather and time synchronized, while a Metar Generator allows the instructor to create specific training sessions.





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