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Audiovisual Systems of Astana Opera Theater

Design and installation of Audio/Video and Digital Signage systems

Astana Opera is one of the most beautiful theaters in the world, its architectural splendor mesmerizes sight and gives the opportunity to travel to many thousands of years ago, to plunge into the atmosphere of antiquity. Traditional Kazakh national pattern, covered with gold leaf, tightly lie on the touches on the age-old classic Greek style. From inside the theater is faced with white marble and rare varieties of wood, providing the most correct acoustic sound: beech, birch and cherry.

Thanks to 35 years of expertise as International System Integrator, Professional Show realized a state-of-the-art audio-visual turnkey system (tools, equipment, installation, certificates, manuals and software) at Classical Theatre of Kazakhstan.



  • Construction project in coordination with other suppliers with active supervision and technical responsibility, testing and training
  • Sound and amplification system with signal regulation for theater, control room and auditorium
  • Audio video recording system
  • Installation of audio/video equipment, direction, control systems, PTZ cameras and video projectors
  • Setting up and configuration of TV radio studio, post production, editing, satellite system



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