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Professional Show presents the new 4K unitONE OB-VAN

unitONE is the brand new OBvan designed and built by Professional Show for ONE TV. 

unitONE is an innovative mobile unit, design to offer wide and comfortable operative areas to best serve the TV production. In the large operative area are located the main production studio, as well as a secondary production and audio studio, suited in separated but communicating rooms. A CCU Shaders section and a machine room have a dedicated soundproofed area with air conditioning.

This ensures a considerable improvement of work activities for the staff. 

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unitONE is designed for 4K – HDR  production

No compromise, just as only a radical design can guarantee, thanks to the best available technologies, carefully selected to ensure the best quality of a TV product in 4K - HDR with 5.1 surround sound.

From the devices selected, to the solutions and details of the operative area, are all optimized for a TV production, the result of over thirty years of passion and expertise of the “broadcast-addicted” technical team that realized it.

A resolute step in the future and another confirmation of Professional Show in the Broadcast market.


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The strengths of unitOne 

unitONE is definitely the largest OB-VAN and incorporates the most advanced technologies in the Italian and European broadcast market. All this thanks to the careful design of the interior spaces, and to a careful selection of the equipment, which the result of thirty years of experience of the staff employed in its realization, as well as an entrepreneurial strategic vision that looks at the productions of the future.

WIDE AND ORGANIZED SPACES: With its 72m2 of available surface, unitONE offers 8 separate, yet adjoining operating areas, capable of accommodating 33 operative stations. Through a dedicated access, there is also room for an auxiliary audio and video control room, ideal to host supplementary productions to the HOST BROADCASTING service, without the need for an additional OB-VAN.

FLEXIBILITY: unitONE has been designed to meet the many needs of any type and level of production.
Particularly valuable is its ergonomic arrangement, to grant the maximum accessibility and comfortable access to all operating audio / video equipment.

COMMUNICATIONS: The 256x256 intercom IP-based matrix grants an absolute versatility and easy configuration of the communications, within and outside the unit, to meet the needs of any production requirements.

SAFETY: unitONE is also unique for the guarantee it offers in terms of security. It was designed in such a way to avoid any “point of failure” in all respects.It is equipped with a double power input, a double isolation transformer, a double UPS – allowing autonomy under a full load for over 30 minutes thanks to its 160 redundant batteries. All by-pass operations can be performed via automatic or manual modes.

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES: unitONE relies on the latest audio / video transmission and management technologies.
Thanks to a radical design that leaves no room for compromises, the whole Unit relies on an IP based 4K-HDR infrastructure, with 5.1 audio surround, that grants a product of unquestionable quality.


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